Russian Loose Wave

Russian Loose Wave

Minimum Order Quantity: 1Piece

Supply Ability: 8000~10000 Pieces Per Month

Payment Terms: Paypal,Western Union,Money Gram,Bank Transfer Etc

Lead Time: 2-3 Working Days

How to take care of the hair bundles?
1. Use gentle shampoo to wash your hair.
2. Keep your hair well conditioned.
3. Use the low heat when blow drying hair.
4. Just like your natural hair, hair extensions will get damaged with excessive brushing and exposure to heat.
5. The combs you'd better choose the round head width row spacing.
6. Do not discover the hair on sunshine too long.
7. Do not blows the root of hairs too near with the hair drier
8. Do not grasping the root of hair overexert when washing.
9. If the hair is straight, pls straighten it after wash. If it is wave, pls put some hair gel for holding this wave.
10.Be mindful of how long you expose your extensions to heat when straightening or curling.
11.Wash your hair and scalp every 5 – 10 days.
12.If you want to keep your extensions long lasting and smooth, my suggestion is put some hair oil regular.
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